Helping Haiti ‘Everybody Hurts’ single

Before you take an easy and perhaps justified swipe at Simon Cowell for his efforts at ruining an overplayed R.E.M. song, the single is exempt from criticism as it’s for an excellent cause: helping those affected by the devastating natural disaster on the Caribbean island of Haiti. That is unless you judge the song purely on its musical merits, of course, which are ear bleeding awful.

Yes Helping Haiti stars a whole gaggle of in vogue pop starlets including Robbie Williams, JLS, Michael Buble, Joe McElderry, Cheryl Cole, Susan Boyle, Bon Jovi, Alexandra Burke and anyone else who’s performed on the most recent series of The X-Factor (apart from Jedward – we can’t think why they weren’t asked, after all isn’t comedy the best form of medicine?) There's also the random inclusion of Rod Stewart and James Blunt.

Irrelevant of the fact that the world has already suffered enough, it is everyone's duty to buy Helping Haiti 'Everybody Hurts' when it's released on Feb 7 (digital) and 8 (physical). Sorry, what's that? 'F*** You I Won't Do What You Tell Me'? Well just this once - do - it's for a good cause.

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