Hendrix House

Rock legend Jimi Hendrix’s house is going to be opened up to the public to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his death. The house will be open to fans of the axe-man as part of an exhibition called Hendrix in Britain. The house in is Brook Street in Mayfair, one of the poshest districts of London, and was owned by the composer George Handle up until 1759.

The exhibition is scheduled to run from 25 August to 7 November and will also feature clothing, handwritten lyrics and other bits and bobs that music fans will no doubt be delighted to see. The house is open to the public from September 15-26. Tickets for Hendrix in Britain cost £8 and can be bought from 1 June. For more info go to the Handel House website.

‘We are excited to be celebrating the life of Jimi Hendrix,’ the director of Handel House Museum, Sarah Bardwell said in a statement. ‘After moving to Brook Street in 1968, Hendrix learned of the Handel connection with the building and headed to One Stop Records in South Molton Street and HMV in Oxford Street to pick up whichever records of Handel music he could find.

‘Clearly he was intrigued by the connection and we're pleased to be celebrating his own legacy today.’

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