Here comes the sun/floods?

It’s normally something affiliated with Glastonbury but this year’s hippy fest was by all accounts a farm bathed in glorious sunshine. On the other hand, if you’re off to Bestival Festival this weekend, you may need to pack not only the wellies but the sun screen too.

According to the bearers of mixed news at the Met Office, the annual Isle Of Wight Festival looks like being heavy on the sunshine and heavy of the showers. But if you went in 2008, we’re told the showers won’t match the biblical scenes then.

Here’s latest lowdown...

  • Thursday: sunny, cloudy with occasional light shower in the afternoon. 20°C
  • Friday: Dry, dry dry. 17°C
  • Saturday: Sunny day, rainy night. 17°C
  • Sunday: Here comes the sun. 20°C

This year’s festie will see The Prodigy, Hot Chip, Roxy Music, Dizzee Rascal, Flaming Lips, The XX and LCD Soundsystem all hitting the island.

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