Here we go again

Some people just can't help themselves. Much-loved curmudgeon Morrissey has a nasty habit of saying things that could be, let's say, construed as racist. He wrote a song called 'National Front Disco,' performed draped in the union jack before Geri Halliwell made it cool again, and sued the NMEafter it reported him complaining about immigration.

Now, well, he's taken things to a new level. In an interview with the Guardian this week, Morrissey waxed lyrical about his love of animals and his concern about the treatment of animals in China. 'Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.'

Love Music Hate Racism, who accepted a donation from Morrissey after the NME incident, called the remark 'crude racism.' Big Mouth strikes again...

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