Here's to you, Iris Robinson

The year of 2010 is set to start off the way 2009 finished; with a slightly lame Facebook campaign to get a song to the top of the charts as a means of embarrassing a public figure. Only in this case instead of annoying but ultimately lining the pockets of Simon ‘Moneybags’ Cowell, people have had an actually amusing idea – annoy fundamentalist Christian bigot and brazen adulteress (as well as Northern Irish politician) Iris Robinson by putting ‘Mrs Robinson’ top of the charts.

She has already said that homosexuality is an ‘abomination’ and that gays need psychiatric help, but recently it was revealed that she’d been having it away with 19-year-old Kirk McCamberly, who is a full 41 years her junior, behind her husband (former first minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly) Peter Robinson’s back. So far the group has already attracted 17,000 members, and banners have been put up outside the Assembly’s Stormont building.

‘Lets get the iconic song 'Mrs Robinson' to number one in next Sunday's chart in honour of Northern Ireland's disgraced first lady, Iris Robinson,’ say the group. ‘The naughty little minx & hateful bigot!!’ Yes, that too.

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