He's a Smiths tourist

Former Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has become the second pop star in two days to have a little pop at politicians and pop music, as well as taking a swing at Conservative leader David Cameron. The Tory head honcho, who seems to be doing his best to slam his party into a terminal crash, claimed that he was a big fan of The Smiths, but Rowntree begs to differ.

‘He's a Smiths tourist,’ Rowntree, who is standing for Labour in Cities of London and Westminster in the next election, told the Guardian. ‘Real Smiths fans dress a certain kind of way, and they have a certain kind of haircut, and they wear certain kinds of T-shirts. But what they probably don't do is have their picture taken outside the Salford Lads Club.

‘What got my goat about Tony Blair inviting all the bands to Number 10 was that that was the standard way politicians had interacted with musicians for generations. Cool Britannia was nothing to do with us. We never said Britannia was cool.

‘It was like when Harold Wilson called The Beatles round. What happens at those things is not that the politicians say: 'Well, what do you think we should be doing?' Politicians say: 'We're going to be doing this. Will you support us?' And nobody likes to feel taken for granted like that.’

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