He's at it again

Some people are never satisfied, are they? Take Blur frontman Damon Albarn. After his band split, he formed Gorillaz with a bunch of animated monkeys. Fair enough. Then there was The Good, The Bad & The Queen. They didn't seem great. Then Blur reformed, and we thought three ongoing bands would probably be enough for our Damo.

But clearly we were wrong. Albarn has admitted he's started yet another side-project, with Tony Allen - also in TG,TB&TQ - and Red Hot Chilli Pepper Flea. (Flea is himself a bit of a side-project fiend, also doing duties in Thom Yorke's new group Atoms for Peace).

The band have apparently mostly finished an untitled debut album with 'world music' leanings. Those two words make us nervous, but hopefully this'll be more Gracelands than The Lion King.

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