He's beardy, he's a man, he's Beardyman

Beardyman is one of the most prolific beatboxers in the country. He’s almost too good at it, sampling and singing to build a complete set out of tunes so ridiculously big that he might as well just stick some records on. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if half the crowd had no idea that all the noise was coming out of that one wide jawed chap up there.

Fresh out the tent from Rob Da Bank curated Camp Bestival (a child friendly version of the summer’s best selling and most respected party Bestival) Beardyman rinsed the main stage followed by an epic set to a packed Big Top before joining Da Bank himself on stage in a DJ battle that was fought to the bitter end.

Beardyman is all over the place this summer and leaving crowds incredulous is all in a day’s work for him. He’s super talented, super funny, and impossible to dislike and his affability has made him a bunch of chums on his global travels.

Check out the Kitchen Diaries on his yet to be developed website Beardyman.co.uk which is smack yourself in the ears brilliant.

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