He’s our Homme!

Radiohead, Elbow, PJ Harvey, The Streets, The Strokes, Foo Fighters...it's fair to say 2011 is shaping up very nicely for the more new albums from old artists. Another of those artists are the Arctic Monkeys, who have penciled in 6th June to ship out their eagerly awaited 4th long-player ‘Suck it and See’.

Their last album ‘Humbug’ gained wide critical praise for it’s more mature sound and production skills courtesy of Josh Homme. It’s now been confirmed that the Queens of the Stone Age leader will feature on the new album and specifically doing backing vocals on the track ‘All My Own Stunts’. Talking to Q, Arctic’s songsmith Alex Turner described the new album as ‘more song based’.

Hear ‘Brick by Brick’ from ‘Suck it and See’ here...

Hear ‘Piledriver Waltz’ from ‘Suck it and See’ here...

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