He’s their Wonder-Ball

If you’re into both your music and your football then there’s nowhere else your eyeballs should be on Sunday at 6pm than glued to ITV. The network have just released an teaser trail for this weekend’s FA Cup live draw and they’ve somehow to manage to rope in ‘two rock legends’ (their words, not ours) to give them a helping hand. Literally.

Noel Gallagher and Kasabian’s chief song-scribbler Serge Pizzorno will be the men charged with pulling the mini snooker balls out of that famous velvet bag for the FA Cup Third Round draw. Noel hasn’t been shy in showing his love for the sky blue team Manchester City, and Kasabian were tasked with launching England’s recent away strip, with Serge’s team being Leicester City.

You can watch the teaser trail below...

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