Hey *******s, listen to what I ****ing say!

The world leader in stripper mum chic Britney Spears closed her show in Vancouver last night with a moral message for the kids: smoking and drugs are bad mmmmkay?

After finishing the show that she had previously interrupted due to her fans smoking legal and illegal substances, and after threatening to not carry on her performance if they carried on (roadies got sick due to the smoke, apparently. Anyone else find that hard to believe?), she wanted to make sure that her fans heard her good word. However, in traditional Britney style, she had throw up a few obscenities for appearances sake.

'Thank you Vancouver, thank you, you guys have a wonderful night,' she said. So far so clean. 'Drive safe, don't smoke weed,' uh huh, OK. 'And rock out with your c*cks out. Peace motherf**kers.' Er, what?

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