Hey yo, The Wu is back

Hip-hop legends The Wu-Tang Clan are about to embark on a major European tour, which has sparked rumours and an aching desire from fans that they’ll get in the studio and make a new album, and even tour the US. We’re fans, so let’s make it clear that we want more Wu!

However, while neither of these two things are necessarily going to happen, Raekwon (The Chef) has revealed that the group have had discussions about other projects, and that there’s ‘heat’ that’s ‘about to come’. Steady on old boy, no need for that sort of raunchy chat.

‘The main focus of this tour is to familiarise everybody with the brand and let everyone know that we love coming back and forth to Europe,’ he said to the NME. ‘It wasn’t really having no concept to it as far as we're going to do a record at the moment.

‘It gives us a couple of weeks to really sit there and say to ourselves, ‘What can we do? Can this work?’ Everybody has their own agenda and what kind of music they're going to be giving us. We've already been talking, so in the future I just say respect the heat that's about to come because we got some more things up our sleeve.’

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