Hip Hop Ha Ha

There’s always been an unfair stigma with hip hop. When it comes to the likes of Eminem and Snoop Dogg onlookers often mistake them for a bit of a comedy novelty act, even though deeply embedded in hip hop culture is a self deprecating and ironic ability to poke fun at oneself. Capitalizing on this, Snoop D.O double G has announced that he is going to combine music and comedy on his upcoming North American tour.

According to AllHipHop, Snoop has asked comedian Mike Epps to do a couple of co-headline shows titled ‘Imagine That!’ which will combine the usual Snoop musical shizzle with some stand-up. DOGG said: ‘We've worked together in the past on some projects and knew that our audiences would love to see us bring hip-hop music and hip-hop comedy together on stage.'

Epps added: ‘This is an incredible opportunity to combine our similar, but different worlds of entertainment together on stage for the first time’.

The shows will be about two nightclub performers who get arrested when attempting to break out of prison. Naturally.

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