'Hip-hop is dead'

Rap’s premier curmudgeon and one time great artist Nas has pronounced hip-hop dead, again. Not content with saying so on his last album – handily titled Hip-Hop Is DeadNasir Jones has had a bit of a grumble and a gripe to the Boston Herald about the state of play in hip-hop today.

‘It died - we're just picking up the bones in the graveyard and banging drums with the bones and recreating what was there,’ said the Queens-born MC. ‘It definitely died, but that doesn't mean that records can't be made, that thing can't happen to get the world in a frenzy again. The difference is I don't know who these people are, I don't know what their intentions are and I don't think they care.’

Sounding even more like an old man than usual, the 35-year-old, who still hasn’t topped his own 1994 debut Illmatic, came on about the way rappers only seem to talk about money, as if they didn’t do that right back at the beginning of the culture.

‘It's just about money. And that's cool, I like money. I'm glad it became a business because that's the way of life and that's the way it happens. But before it was the thing to do, it was the most scariest, most beautiful, the most genius you ever witnessed. Now it's just a ghost of what it was.’ Give the man a Werthers and a blanket already.

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