Hip-hop sting sees gangsters jailed

A police sting involving a fake record store in north London has led to the jailing of 34 people for a combined total of more than 400 years, something which we think is a pretty nifty piece of police work. Well done, the fuzz.

The shop, which was named Boombox, was a fully stocked and functioning hip-hop record shop in Edmonton, which was open in 2008 as part of Operation Peyzac. The year-long sting saw police encouraging local crims to do deals in the store's back room, where the dozy gangsters were caught on a secret camera selling, guns, drugs and stolen good to undercover coppers. Oops.

After drawing in the area's underworld to do business with them, the police managed to get enough information to raid 25 addresses across London in April, uncovering guns, drugs, swords, knives, cash, a stun-gun and a gun conversion factory at a residential address in Haringey. The 34 – who are aged between 16 and 41 and of whom 30 were gang members – were convicted over the last few weeks at Wood Green crown court. Nice work.

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