HMV vs iTunes

It’s been rumoured for months but finally HMV have relaunched its very own music download store in a bid to claw back some its customers lost to the iTunes generation.

HMV had a crack at launching its first download store back in 2005 but due to the tracks being copyright protected it failed to really take off. The revamped hmvdigital.com uses the same model as iTunes with a solid 10 million DRM-free songs available to buy at a click of a button. Tracks are priced at 99p each, albums at only £4.99 and top 40 singles are 40p.

Talking the new store HMVs head of music Melanie Armstrong said; ‘some people still tend to think of us as a traditional retailer, but the fact is we've completely transformed our business. The launch of hmvdigital means we have a world-class music download platform. It is a genuine alternative to other digital music services.’

Sounds promising but are the incentives big enough for iTunes users to jump ship?

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