Homage or Fromage?

Since the BBC trailer for David Attenborourgh’s awesome Planet Earth series was first shown on our goggle boxes, there has never been a better use of music with visuals.

The song used in those now famous trails was Sigur Rós’ spine-tingling track 'Hoppipolla', but now the Icelandic band have hit back at TV bods mimicking that song.

Releasing a firm statement on their website Sigur Rós said,‘We're not suggesting anyone's ripping anyone off here, or has purposely gone out to plagiarise Sigur Rós music, because that might get us sued (which would be ironic). And in any case, you can get all the musicologists' reports you like and all they will tell you is that the chord sequence is ‘commonly used’ or the structure is a ‘style-a-like’ and not a 'pass off' rós. Or - in this case - that despite the fact that the two pieces are ‘strongly similar in terms of general musical style, instrumentation and structure’ and ‘created with a knowledge of and/or reference to the works of Sigur rós in general and 'Hoppipolla' in particular’, there is ‘insufficient evidence in the music to support a claim for infringement of the copyright’. In other words change a note here, swap things around a bit there and, hey presto, it's an original composition. Inspiration moves in mysterious ways.’

The band have even dedicated a nice little page to these alleged music thieves, see it here. Oh, and here’s that awesome Planet Earth trailer, where it all started....

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