Hop, Skep, Jump

The other day we reported that P Diddy had hired UK MC Skepta to remix his track Hello Good Morning, giving the unsigned rapper a huge leg-up into the world of big-time hip-hop. Well last night Puffy explained his decision to get the east London man in, and making some noises that he’s going to carry on working with him. Which would be good news indeed.

‘I want Skepta to do a straight, dirty, authentic grime remix where I redo the vocals, the beats and everything,’ said Diddy to RWD. ‘So I hit up everyone on Twitter and Skepta hit me right back. He was buggin'.

‘I think that's happening organically. It's not pre-meditated. I didn't, like, go and give it to some A&Rs and say, 'Go get me Skepta'. This was designed by God and by the people. I put it on Twitter, people hit me back, I got at Skepta, we had a vibe on the phone. I said, ‘I don't know what's gonna happen with it, but we're gonna try and make it happen’. It's serious though, it's definitely something we're going to be getting into.’

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