Hopping Mad

There was a time when the so-called stadium bands would shun a festival headline slot and be content with their own sell-out World tour, but that all changed in 2004 when Paul McCartney sent Worthy Farm into a sing-a-long at Glastonbury. Since then everyone from Stevie Wonder to U2, Jay-Z to Beyonce are queuing up to get a piece of the festie pie.

This morning, it’s been confirmed that none other than Prince will play his first ever festival appearance and its right here in the UK. The Hop Farm Festival takes place from 1st-3rd July down in that there Kent and will play host to The Artist Currently Known As Prince on Sunday 3rd. Other acts already on the tasty bill include Morrissey, The Eagles, Bryan Ferry, Death Cab For Cutie, Brandon Flowers, Iggy & The Stooges and Lou Reed. Not bad eh? But the possible highlight of the festival is that there is a strict NO VIP rule, so none of those festival liggers to be seen.

For more info, including ticket details check out Hopfarmfestival.com.

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