Hot Chip ‘One Life Stand’

They may not go under the conventional guise of modern day pop stars (in fact quite the opposite) but London based electro-beaters Hot Chip don't care: they revel in their geeky image. And when they stop churning out new wave music like they have done in the past (see ‘Over & Over’) then who gives a hootenanny.

One Life Stand’ is the first single from Hot Chip’s forthcoming 4th album of the same name, and jeez, it’s a little doozey. As usually it's a jive-bunny mega mix of warbling computer whizzes and bangs with trademark melancholic vocals from lead geek Alexis Taylor slapped all over it. If we could listen to the future, this would be it, and it’s a grower people, it’s a grower.

Single and album are both released on Feb 1st. And no, the track isn’t skipping, it’s meant to be like that, apparently.

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