Hot New Album Releases for your Christmas Wish List

The last quarter of the year is a busy time for album releases with every one vying to be part of the whirlwind of Christmas shopping. This year is no exception with a huge list of albums due for release in the coming weeks.

We take a look at some we think should make it to your Christmas wish list.

The X-Factor Outputs

One Direction, one of the biggest acts to come out of X-factor are due to release their third album, Midnight Memories in late November. Their first single, Best Song Ever was released in July.

X-factor 2012 group Union J are due to release their debut album on 28th October. With their first single a top 10 hit, only time will tell if this new boy band share the same success as some, such as One Direction and JLS, that have gone before them.

Certainly two options for the stocking particularly if you have any teenage girls to buy for!


If X-factor boy band is not your style then Eminem is due to release his eight studio album, the Marshall Mathers LP 2, a follow up to his third album Marshall Mathers LP on 5th November. The details of the new album were released at the MTV Video Music Awards and the lead single ‘Berserk’ was released in late August.

Pearl Jam

If rock / alternative rock is more your thing than Pearl Jam are due to release their tenth studio album entitled Lightning Bolt on 14th October. A follow up to their previous release Backspacer from 2009 this forthcoming release is bound to be well anticipated by Pearl Jam fans around the world.

Flamboyant Ladies!

Katy Perry is due to release her fourth studio album, entitled Prism, on 21st October. With huge success with her previous three albums her forthcoming release is sure to be a success. The lead single, Roar, which was released last month was a Top 100 Billboard chart topper.

Even more flamboyant, Lady Gaga also is also due to release a new album in November with her third studio album entitled Artpop on the way on time for the Christmas shopping rush.

Best of the rest....

There is a huge list of albums being released in the final quarter of the year with other notable releases being the Best of Keane, Moby, Professor Greene, James Arthur’s debut album, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Psy, R. Kelly and James Blunt.

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