Hudson Talks

Mr Hudson, that singer bloke who came from nowhere to be starring in videos with Jay-Z and hanging around with Kanye West, reckons that he owes the hip-hop mogul a pint for launching him on the path of stardom, and frankly, who can argue? The man was muddling around with Mr Hudson And The Library, garnering mild attention until West shipped him over to his record label and put him on Jay-Z tracks.

‘I was chipping away but he really kicked in the door for me,’ said Hud to Clash. ‘He signed me to his label, then there was Jay-Z and the tour and I have a lot to thank him for, really. I'm sure I owe him a pint by now! Basically he heard the first album A Tale Of Two Cities and he was just playing it on repeat and was like, 'I want to sign this guy and help him out', and it happened. It's a bit of a fairytale, really.

‘We were just making music and not really worried about what was going to happen. It's hard to look in the tea leaves and know that it was going to be such a massive track. I didn't know that was even going to be a single, that song. And then I just get an email from my aunt who's in New Zealand saying, 'They're playing it in the sandwich shop'... It puts a smile on my face. It's sort of a mission accomplished, really.’

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