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The Rhythm Factory has been long-established as one of the best venues in London, perhaps even in Europe. Partly because it doesn’t get anything like the attention it deserves - meaning that the crowd are usually made up of proper music lovers who know their stuff. Granted it needs a lick of paint and maybe someone should invest in a mop, but all that filth adds to the charm. Just don’t wear your best trainers.

Saturday 28th of March hails the return of Retro Sonics a night of mayhem with a suitably heavy lineup perfect for anyone who fancies a bit of grime on a Saturday night. The lineup includes Terry Farley, Hyper Go Go (playing both live and DJing), and Kid Fiesta to name but a few.

As with anything at the Factory the room will be packed with die hard fans so get down there early and have a grubby ball.

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