'I ain't being mean to Willie Nelson'

Legendary country singer Willie Nelson had the misfortune of being caught with marijuana on him by Texas coppers back in November, a crime which usually results in the miscreant being thrown up against the side of a patrol car while a sniffer dog ruffles your undercarriage in search of stronger chemicals, before being banged up.

However Nelson had the good fortune to be 77 years old, white, and a legendary country singer when he got busted, so he come in for slightly more lenient treatment from the long arm of the law: Hudspeth country prosecutor Kit Bramblett agreed to let him off with a small sine, should Nelson play him one of his favourite songs – in court.

‘He's got to sing 'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain' with his guitar,’ said the judge. ‘You bet your a** I ain't going to be mean to Willie Nelson.’ We’d be interested to see what kind of sentence would have been dished out to a young black rapper who’d be caught doing the same thing: out guess is he wouldn’t have been let off had he spit a few bars with the help of his beat-boxing mate.

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