'I assumed he was the drug dealer'

Alan McGee has admitted that the first time he saw Liam Gallagher he assumed he was Oasis’ drug dealer.

The former Creation Records boss was talking to The Sun about the night he discovered Oasis in Glasgow, when he came to an agreement with a handshake with Noel Gallagher. It was to be a lucrative partnership for him and the group, who sold 30million records while with the label, but it could have all gone wrong for the band; the only reason McGee saw them at all was because he showed up at the gig early by mistake.

‘I was up in Glasgow seeing my dad and I wasn't sure I'd even go to the gig,’ McGee said. ‘I got there early by mistake. Oasis were on first, before most people arrived. There was this amazing young version of Paul Weller sat there in a light blue Adidas tracksuit. I assumed he was the drug dealer and that Bonehead, the guitarist, was the singer.

‘It was only when they went on stage I realised it was the lead singer Liam Gallagher. I knew I had to sign them. Noel and I talked after the show and just said 'done' and he turned out to be a man of his word.

‘I was lucky to be there. We didn't send out scouts. Most of my signings were because I happened to see new bands. That couldn't happen any more. If a new band as much as farts it's all over the internet.’

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