I could have been Sting, claims Geldof

Band Aid killed my musical career. That was the implication of Bob Geldof’s recent remarks. If he hadn’t devoted so much of his time and energy to feeding the world, Sir Bob reckons he could have been on a par with Sting or Paul Weller.

Still, saving thousands of lives must surely be more significant than recording medieval lute music or trying desperately to cling on to some musical relevance. "It's completely damaged my ability to do the thing I love," Geldof told the Evening Standard. "If it hadn't happened I think I would have been able to make the transition from The Boomtown Rats to a solo thing more like Paul Weller or Sting."

He admitted that it would have been criminally irresponsible not to have organised Band Aid and Live Aid. Although it must have been chastening to note that the money raised for those charities was eclipsed by the profits Geldof’s compatriot Bono recently made on his Facebook investment.

Geldof still has a very old-fashioned faith in the music industry. He called it a "truly democratic medium" in which "Posh boys like Radiohead and Pink Floyd or a council estate lad like John Lydon", could succeed.

Sadly, a super-annuated former Boomtown Rat with an honorary knighthood is unlikely to trouble the charts again. He is keeping up the day job though, and this summer plays at Mfest, the first ever rock festival organised by a supermarket chain, Morrisons. You’ll find him in aisle 9 near the taramasalata.

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