I didn’t feel like dancing

If you thought that the Scissor Sisters had been very quietly recently then you’d be right, because for the last 18 months the camped up disco-beavers have been borrowing away at their 3rd album, the following-up to ‘Ta-Dah!’. Intially set for release year the forthcoming album ‘Night Work’ was delayed after the band decided to scrap it and start again because its was turn, basically.

Talking to BBC news about the album lead scissor Jake Shears said; ‘We worked on a record for about a year and a half but we shelved it… about a year ago. So I ended up moving to Berlin for a couple of months and we decided to start a new record from scratch, and started it last June.’ Explaining why he started the album again he added; ‘in my heart I knew it wasn't right, I didn't really know what it was trying to say. It left me a little bit cold.’

You’ll have to wait until June 28th to hear the ‘Night Work’ unless you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to Glastonbury Festival’s 40th anniversary the day where they’re booked in for their only UK date this year.

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