I hate you so much right now

R 'n' B star Kelis has been posting various messages on her Twitter page that suggest her former husband Nas cheated on her while they were together (or at least through the medium of thinly-veiled **** you tweets she has managed to convey that message.)

'This lovely day I would like to touch on cheaters.' she tweeted. 'Why be cowardly, why not go after what you really want? All the scumbag coward husbands and less than impressive sluts unite! You can all go down in flames together! Hooray!

She continued: 'Let me say this, (it is) both parties that are gross. And in reality they deserve each other. 'I am here to say that the husband is way more at fault, now of course the woman/women who partake are stupid and pitiful.'

Kelis, who on earth could you be talking about?

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