’I have no wish to do it again’

Roger Waters has stated that he has ’no wish’ to work again with Pink Floyd. Earlier this month, hopes were raised after he was joined onstage by David Gilmour and Nick Mason at the London O2 Arena.

The concert, which was part of Water’s The Wall Live tour, was the first time he and Gilmour had shared a stage since the Live 8 gig back in 2005.

But speaking on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, he appeared to quash speculation of a possible band reunion.

‘I'm really glad that I was in that band for the 20 years that I was in it and I really enjoyed it. I think we did some great work together but I have no wish to do it ever again,’he commented.

While a few die hard fans will be disappointed with that, most will realise that the group did enough and would be unlikely to produce anything of particular note after such a long time apart.

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