I Luv U2

Dizzee Rascal could be making the step up to Glastonbury headliner this summer after Bono was laid up with a painful back injury. The U2 had to have emergency Spinal Tap – how appropriate, by the way – surgery on his back after he turned it while preparing for the band’s upcoming tour, leaving a rather large hole in the Friday schedule.

Bono went under the knife in Munich on Friday, and is now recovering under the watchful eye of Bayern Munich’s club doctor, the wonderfully-named Dr Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt. The band have postponed the start of their 360° world tour, which was due to begin on 3 June in Salt Lake City, and will almost certainly announce that they will be pulling out of Glasto very soon.

As a result, organiser Michael Eavis has asked the grime MC turned pop diamond to fill in for the Irishmen, and has even put in the call to Chris Martin to see if Coldplay could turn up and play at short notice. Fingers crossed our man Dizzee gets the nod, given that of the three he’s the only one who isn’t a peddler of pedestrian Dad Rock.

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