I need to be strapped

Rapper T.I. has said that he doesn’t leave the house much since he was released from prison, saying that he’s just not comfortable without a gun in his hand.

The hip-hopper was banged up after he rather dopily bought a shooter from an undercover federal agent in 2007, and despite being released, is now banned from owning a firearm. T.I. sees this as a problem, given that his friend Philant Johnson was killed in 2006 and that he fears the same fate.

‘I don't go out as much... I'm just uncomfortable having no tool,’ said the rapper to Complex. ‘Even when I have security.

‘I'm more comfortable knowing there's one around – but not having one myself, being used to having one for so long and being in places and around people that I know got 'em, I'm just uncomfortable. So I stay out of that environment as much as possible.’

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