'I need to push boundaries'

Controversy is never very far behind wherever it is that Lady GaGa happens to be: her provocative style tends to engender extremely strong reactions, and has got her the devoted fan base that keeps her in feather boas and PVC underwear.

It’s not different with her latest video, which is due to accompany her new single ‘Judas’. She’s been slammed by Christian groups for using religious figures in the video, but our current Queen of Pop says that she feels obliged to push the boundaries with her music and videos.

‘I'm not a master. I feel a moral obligation to push the boundaries of love and acceptance,’ GaGa explained in GaGaVision number 44. ‘In order for art, music, technology and fashion to move forward you have to be brave and be audacious.’ Right you are. Take a look at the video below if you like.

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