‘I reckon he’s written it’

Probably the most interesting thing about Liam Gallagher these days - more interesting than the music of his new band anyway - is the singer's relationship with now estranged brother Noel. And deep down, he seems to know it too, with repeated speculations about happenings in Noel’s camp.

Earlier in the month Noel went on record as saying he hadn’t even started recording the album yet, but Liam thinks this is just a cunning ruse.

’I reckon he's written it,’ Liam confided to XFM. ‘He's probably going down that Radiohead thing – it's probably out already! He's definitely written it, he's been in the studio for ages. So I don't know what he's talking about.’

He added, somewhat cattily, that he’d be interested in hearing it ‘to see if I'm on it in the background somewhere’.

Beady Eye’s debut ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ is out today.

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