I Spy In My Beady Eye.... a single

Great news - the new Oasis single is out tomorrow!

Oh, alright, yes, Oasis did split up. But let us not forget that Beady Eye - being described everywhere as 'Liam Gallagher's new band' - do in fact contain all the former members of Oasis, apart from the departed Noel Gallagher. Indeed, it's genuinely surprising they didn't keep the name.

Yesterday, we reported that a 21-second snippet of BE's song 'Bring the Light' had popped up online. Well, it turns out that's the first single, and it's available to download from Beady Eye's website tomorrow.

If it had had the Oasis name attached to it, we'd have thought it'd be number one. Without, we predict it'll scrape the top 40...

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