'I want to get back with Carl', says Doherty

It's obviously the week for seemingly impossible reunions. Not only has Ian Brown hinted at a possible Stone Roses get together, primed and ready to strip the money clean away from any gullible 30-something indie heads, but Pete Doherty has said that he would love to reform The Libertines.

However Doherty, who released his solo album Grace/Wastelands this week, said that it was entirely down to former co-writer Carl Barat. Speaking to Zane Lowe on his Radio 1 evening show, he said that Barat is still not convinced that Doherty is worth the risk.

'He doesn't want to go down the same path and pick up the pieces again,' he explained. 'He still thinks I'm surrounded by this dark energy.

'There's obviously suggestions put forward and offers made so it's not about the money for him otherwise we would have reformed already. He just wants to make sure it's right.'

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