I want your kids to learn music

This current government isn’t exactly becoming known for its caring, sharing attitude to the populace at large, despite Big Dave’s attempts to convince us he cares about his Big Society. However, we will give them credit if they follow up on the promise to get more kids learning musical instruments; just as long as it’s not the bleeding recorder – that was rubbish.

Education Secretary Michael Gove wants music education in schools to be reviewed, which he hopes will end up with all students being given the opportunity to learn an instrument, while hoping to improve the experience of live music, as well as attract more professional musicians into schools. Of course, if they don’t have any venues to play in then it will all be pointless, but let’s stay positive eh?

‘All young people should have the chance to learn an instrument, read music and receive top quality music education,’ Gove said. ‘It's a sad fact that too many children in state schools are denied the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. It is simply unfair that the joy of musical discovery should be the preserve of those whose parents can afford it.’

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