Ian Brown to play Gary Neville's Testimonial

Gary Neville is having something of a busy day with Mancunian pop legends: Only this morning he was being cussed savagely by Noel Gallagher for using Oasis lyrics in the process of bigging up Manchester United, now he’s got Ian Brown singing at his Old Trafford testimonial.

The former Stone Roses frontman, who has carved out a solo career for himself despite never being anywhere near as good again, will sing ‘This Is The One’ as the teams come out at the match, which is being played against Juventus at Old Trafford 24 May. United play the track, which is on The Stone Roses eponymously-named debut album at home games, but this will be the first time that they will have the man himself – live and direct – straining to keep it in tune. All procedes from the match will go to sustainable project charities.

‘Big news!’ he screeched on Twitter. ‘The legend that is Ian Brown is singing the teams out at my testimonial! Wow! Honour for me! This is the one!’

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