Ice Bin U2 Berliner

In remembrance of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall some 20 years ago, the MTV Europe Music Awards were held in Berlin last night, and to get the party started U2 played a short set at the Brandenburg Gate.

The outdoor gig was seen as a triumph for the lucky few thousand who managed to wangle a ticket. Bono and the boys whizzed through mega hits ‘One’, ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Beautiful Day’ amongst others. But for many the show was marred by the fact that event organisers had decided to erect a last minute - and somewhat ironic temporary wall, so only a select few could watch. (Health & safety, apparently.)

On the other side (quite literally), Bono was his usually vomit inducing self, praising the blaggers for coming out in the cold, wishing the Berlin Wall happy birthday etc. The highlight for most was the guest rap by Jay-Z on ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’. Awesome.

The full set was;

'Sunday, Bloody Sunday' with Jay-Z
'Beautiful Day' 'Vertigo'
'Moment Of Surrender'

Watch 'One' here'.

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