Ice-T arrested in New York

There are all sorts of crazy hip hop happenings going on today, aren’t there? First Snoop Dogg goes and admits that being mean to women in his songs probably isn’t very nice and promises to make come less sexually aggressive records for his female fans, now the truest Original Gangster Ice T has been arrested in New York City – after cops spotted him not wearing a seatbelt while driving.

But wait, as if it couldn’t get any more shocking, the rapper, who once upon a time belted out nihilistic revenge fantasy anthem Cop Killer with his rock band Body Count, was then arrested for driving with a suspended license. It’s like all your nervous parents’ nightmares come true, isn’t it?

Anyway, we have no idea why his license was suspended, and we’d rather not find out, lest his veneer of bad ass rebellion be punctured by a speeding ticket, or parking in a disabled spot. How the mighty have fallen.

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