'I'll do what I want'

Dizzee Rascal has slammed those people who claim he has forgotten his grime roots by simply asking 'what grime roots?' To be honest we didn't even know people had slagged him off for that, but there you go.

'Before grime I was into drum and bass and before that I was into heavy metal, I've been into all sorts,' he said at Radio One's Big Weekend. 'I'm just the biggest person to come out of grime, so I'll do the f**k what I want.'

He also heaped praise on fellow Bow boy Tynchy Stryder, who as we all know hit number one with N-Dubz.

'He's someone a little bit younger than me, worked hard, prepared to put the work in, didn't take no for an answer and now he's number one, and before that he was number two – it's big.' You can see the vid of the interview – complete with hilariously plummy-voiced presenter – by clicking on the link below.

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