Ill-y Allen

Hey! Remember that story we wrote about Lily Allen playing her last ever gig? What’s that - which one, there were at least 10 stories about here last ever gig? Well, last night she played another one, or in this case didn’t play another one...

Don’t get us wrong, we love Lily Allen; outspoken popsters are few and far between so it’s more than unfair to have a pop at the rareties that come along and tell it how it is. But it's been well publicised that she’s given up music to focus on fashion and there have been realms of ensuing announcements about this being ‘her final EVER gig’. Anyway, she was due to play Spanish festival Benicassim last night but due to illness was forced to make a last minute cancellation.

Talking through Twitter the half-pinter said: ‘I hate letting down my fans. I've done this four times over the past two years, sadly Spain has had a raw deal or a lucky escape depending on which way you're looking at it. Sorry Benicassim’.

Get well Lily, see you at the next gig.....

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