‘I’m a musician - not a stripper’

Peter Andre withstanding, there are far fewer male musicians than females that reveal flesh to sell records. Kate Nash is a musician who has declared she would never promote herself by showing off her bodily wares.

She explained: ‘I wouldn't show my body to sell music, but I am very opinionated and passionate about what I do. I'm a musician. I'm not a stripper or a model.

But if you don’t have racy image, you risk getting branded boring, plain or safe. Nash disagrees. ‘I don't think that makes me the girl next door. It is riskier not to take your kit off and have opinions and be smart and powerful. The world feels freaked out by that.’

Talking to Bang Showbiz, Nash claimed that artists that show flesh set a bad example.

She added: ‘It's a shame that 14-year-old girls are made to think they have to be sexy, thin, tanned and blonde to get a boyfriend.

‘Popstars can still be attractive and sexy without being a pin-up, blow-up doll. Intelligence is a factor as well.’

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