'I'm so excited'

There can’t be many people who’ve ever been excited to go to Carlisle, especially pop stars. And super especially massive American pop stars, who are used to glamour and the lap of luxury. But then our current Queen of Pop Lady GaGa isn’t your average pop superstar.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer will only be playing one major UK festival this year, and it won’t be the muddy tradition of Glastonbury, or the skinny-jeaned indie gig fest that is Reading and Leeds. No, instead Lady GaGa will be picturing up at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the Cumbrian metropolis, and she reacted by saying this: ‘I'm so excited. I can't wait.’

‘This will be Lady GaGa's only UK festival performance this year,’ said Radio 1 live events editor Neil Wyatt. ‘It's going to be a very special moment. We take huge artists to places they wouldn't normally go. It's very exciting for Carlisle.’

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