I'm stalking The xx

Drew Barrymore has admitted that she has been stalking The xx, the latest London indie band to get ‘quirky’ teenage girls all dribbly in the gusset and weak at the knees. In normal circumstances this would lead to quick and swift arrest of the unhinged Barrymore, but instead her dangerous obsession is indulged. Honestly, it’s one law for the stars and another for the rest of us.

‘Who am I stalking right now? OK, I'm a little bit psycho for The xx... I really stalk them,’ she told Absolute Radio. ‘They are quite shy and I of course went overboard, as I usually do, and I think when you go overboard with shy people it doesn't always go great.

‘I tend to (scare people) with my enthusiasm, and it's coming from such a genuine place, but they don't know me so they don't know, they just think I'm crazy, but at least they know how much I love their music.’

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