'I'm sure I left it just there!'

When you have something stolen, although bitterly disappointing you can always seek solace in the nice bumper insurance cheque coming your way. (Presuming you remembered to get insured.)

Sadly for Smiths leg-end Johnny Marr, money couldn't replace his stolen possession. Back in 2000 when he played his first solo show with The Healers at the Scala in London he had his vintage 1964 Gibson SG (worth a pricey £30,000) nabbed from the dressing room by an untrustworthy gig goer. For the last 10 years Marr has been resigned to the fact that he’ll never see his priceless guitar - ntil yesterday. The chap who took it, a MR Stephen White has returned it after struggling to cope with the guilt and the shame.

White talked about the incident to NME: ‘I'm disgusted with the whole thing. There's a victim here. I can't reconcile myself with the behaviour of that night.’

Now that the guitar is back in the hands of its owner Steven White is expected to serve 200 hours community service for his misdemeanour. It was almost worth staying schtum.

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