In a bit of a Hole

Former Hole frontwoman and archetypal rock chick Courtney Love is apparently down to her last $120 and has been evicted from her home, leaving her leading an Alan Partridge-like existence in the Mercier Hotel in New York. Although mentioning Alan Partridge around her would be a mistake, most likely

Love, who really should be living a millionaire’s life of riley given that she married Kurt Cobain and had a decent level of success herself with Hole, is now unable to feed her 17-year-old daughter Frances (doesn't have a) Bean, and now that she’s been banned from accessing the trust fund that was left for Frances after her dad’s suicide in 1994, she doesn’t have two penny’s to rub together.

‘I'm f****d now dude,’ she said in a text to a mate, according to The Sun. ‘I have 120 bucks, my kid hasn't had a decent meal and I'm getting evicted.’ She claims that she has had $300,000,000 nicked by fraudsters and scam artists in the last six years, but the same friend claims that ‘she’s a financial disaster.’ Probably for the best that she can’t get her hands on that trust fund, really.

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