In the record books

It’s been something of a quiet few months for old Susan Boyle, hasn’t it? Barely a peep about her in the papers, no doubt while she’s working her backside off on some project or another. Even her singing for the Pope barely caused any headlines. Honestly, it’s almost as if they cynically managed her to make loads of cash, and then packed up promoting her once she’d done so.

Well, we still love you SuBo, and we’re happy that you’ve found yourself three places in the Guiness Book of Records, even if we would never buy any of your records. Scotland’s most successful export since shortbread has been put in the book for ‘fastest-selling debut album by a UK female’, ‘the best first-week sales of a UK debut album’ and ‘oldest person to reach number one with a debut album’. Good on her too.

‘I used to read this book as a wee girl,’ said Boyle. Sounds suspiciously a PR person wrote it, but there you go. ‘I never dreamt that one day I would actually appear in the Guinness Book Of Records. I only ever wanted to sing and perform. This is truly fantastic.’

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