We’ve heard various adjectives used to describe X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd, and very few of them have been particularly complimentary. Just about everyone in Britain (at least, everyone who watches X Factor) was outraged at Gamu Nhengu being booted off the show, and many feel that Cher took her rightful place. Quite understandably, frankly.

So it’s rather surprising to hear the girl being described as being ‘incredible’, especially from a credible singer/rapper/songwriter/producer like Labrinth. The multi-talented Londoner also said that he would like to work with the reality talent show contestant; and of course, it is entirely coincidental that the man is signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco. Oh yes.

‘Cher's incredible,’ he said. ‘I love her vibe. She knows who she is and she's fresh, she's very cool. I'd definitely like to work with her. It would be great to get her in the studio.’

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