Indie 'Especially For You' released

'Bonnie & Clyde '03'. 'Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus'. 'Especially For You.' We love singles from real-life musical couples, especially when - as with Kylie and Jason - we're not supposed to know they're a couple, but OMG we totes do!

Sorry, got a bit overexcited there. Anyway, we love it, and now there's another great musical-couple collab out - a bit hipper, perhaps, than the previous examples. Indie songstress Best Coast - aka Bethany Cosentino - and Nathan Williams, singer of hotly-tipped San Diego band Wavves, are a couple (aah.) Their combination of hip and cute is so intense that hipster-baiting blog Hipster Runoff has written a bunch of snarky posts about them. Now, though, that cute level is set to go into overdrive, as the two release their Christmas collaboration single, 'Got Something For You.'

One fact which might (severely) dent the street cred of the project, though: it's been sponsored by American megastore Target (a bit like B&Q-meets-Woolworths) as part of their compilation 'Christmas Gigs.' Which is a bit naff. But then, it's Christas! It's all about big business and the selling of sentimentality! Right?

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