Instant nostalgia

Things move so fast these days. Bands are the Next Big Thing on MySpace, kings of the world when they release their first album, on the slide by the second and forgotten by the third. After three albums, it's the norm to put out a 'best of' album and think about a year or two of side-projects, before returning for a triumphant 'reunion' tour.

Well, this takes things to a new level. Birmingham's Editors only released their first album, The Back Room, in 2005, and have only released two follow-ups. But they've nevertheless decided the time is right for a career-recapping box set including everything they've ever recorded.

The box 'includes seven 12-inch vinyl records, seven CDs, a download card for all of the audio and an accompanying book,' the NME reports. (Editors? A book? Geddit?) Singer Tom Smith told fans on the band's website, 'We'd like you to have this music on any and every format we can produce and also share some photos and memories of the last 6 years in a volume that you can keep forever.'

Somehow we can't imagine many people listening to Editors in seventy years' time, from their dusty old Editors box-sets. That's assuming we even have music then, and haven't simply evolved to all dancing together in some sort of sensual virtual mindspace for entertainment...

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